How to use a radioitem to have a dropdown value assigned to axis x and y of scatter plot

For dash with python, is there any way to create a radio item that has x and y as its options and then when you select a dropdown variable such as “age” assign that to the x axis of my scatterplot by clicking x from the radio options then after that select another dropdown variable from the same dropdown menu such as “height” and then clicking y as the radio item option and having that be assigned to y so that x does not change? So basically having one dropdown menu and a radio item to help the scatterplot know which axis we want to update and choose from the dropdown on the scatterplot.

Hi @T03h

I can’t figure out why you need to do that in that way.

Why not assign a dropdown to select the x axis and another to select the y axis? :thinking:

An assignment for school so I just want to see if its possible!