How to update plane of view in dash-slicer

Hi everyone,
I have been playing around with dash-slicer (which I think it’s amazing!), and I was trying to build a simple dashboard where one would have just one view, but the plane of view (transversal, coronal, sagittal) could be updated. I haven’t managed to achieve this, so far what I was trying is doing something like this:

import dash
import dash_core_components as dcc
import dash_html_components as html
from dash.dependencies import Input, Output, State
from dash_slicer import VolumeSlicer
import jupyterlab_dash
import image

app = dash.Dash(__name__, update_title=None)
viewer = jupyterlab_dash.AppViewer()

vol = imageio.volread("imageio:stent.npz")
slicer = VolumeSlicer(app, vol)

app.layout = html.Div(
            {'label': 'Axial', 'value': 0},
            {'label': 'Sagittal', 'value': 1},
            {'label': 'Coronal', 'value': 2}
        ], value=0)]),
                    html.Div([slicer.graph, slicer.slider, *slicer.stores]),

    Output(, 'data'),
    Input('plane-dropdown', 'value'),
    State(, 'data'),
def update_plane(plane, state):
    return state

But I think that it may not be possible, because if I understand correctly the code the slicer state is not supposed to be used as an output. If changing the axis property is not a feasible way to “dynamically” change the plane of view, what would be another way? I tried to use different slicer.graph objects (each of them initialised with a different axis value) and switch among them updating the children parameter of a div, but it did not work out as well. Any suggestion?

Just an update: to achieve what I wanted I put together a dropdown menu, a slider and a graph showing an image, and manually coded how to handle the change of plane of view and the navigation through the slices. Here is the code of how I did that:

I am still quite interested in doing this through dash-slicer (as it can be then combined with overlays and other stuff), so if anyone, especially from the developers, has ideas on how to achieve the same result, I would be very happy to hear them!