How to update file in assets folder

I have images in the assets folder but if I change the image but keep the name dash will still display the original image although this image with this name dosent exists. It seems it loads it to and save it somewhere…
How can I tell it to ignore the old assets and to look only at the current ones?

Thanks alot

I have exactly the same problem. Image files saved in the assets folder do not update when they were saved under the same name before. Deleting the files or the folder did not change this. Is their any way to upate images in the assets folder?


I’m not sure if it is possible, I understand that Dash takes the image files (and js files) from the assets folder at the beginning, and instead of the code that when it change Dash recognize it, do not do the same with the assets files.

Thanks. I have exactly same question. Any solution to change it? Thanks