How to tilt the axles

Is there is a possibility to tilt the X and Y axles?
I’m using scatter plot Scatter plots in JavaScript

Need something like this:

This is just what I need: 3d scatter plot (3d scatter plots in Python), but with only Y and X axles.

I don’t know how to do that using Plotly but you can consider applying CSS function to the graph component or put the graph in a div and apply CSS style to it with style = { transform: rotate(20deg); }
You can check it out to see if it will give you what you desire.

Already checked. Bottom of plotly looks like blured (because it just take some upcaling in the bottom) and it very hard to see something on the top.

I need kind of 3D SCATTER PLOT, but without 3D :slight_smile: 3d scatter plots in Python

Here, as you can see, we can change angle of Y and X. Font sill very readable, size is perfect.
And I need the same feature, but in 2D (without Z axle)