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How to stop creating temp-plot.html every time I make a figure

Hello everyone,

Soo… I want to make a plot of a network from pandapower (it uses plotly to do so) and put it on my dash app. The problem that I am facing right now is: whenever I create the figure it also creates a “temp-plot.html” file and opens it in another tab on my web browser. So can anyone help me to figure out how to stop it from creating the file to begin with?

Here is the line of code that makes the plot together with the import of the function used:

from pandapower.plotting.plotly import pf_res_plotly
fig = simple_plotly(net1, figsize=0.7)

I’m aware that its practically a different library but because t uses plotly I’m hoping that this is the place to ask for help.

Thanks in advance!