How to set the Grid Width and Axis in 3D?

Hello All,

I created two 3D graphs with results as follows.

I would like to do these two things for the yellow highlighted parts:

(1) the distance between numbers (0 to 10 in (a) and 0 to 6 in (b)) or scale for the z-axis of both pictures (a) and (b) is same so that the visualization is comparable.

(2) the 0 of y-axis and 0 of x-axis meets as in the picture (b).

This is my current code, what needs to be modified?

import plotly.graph_objects as go
from scipy.interpolate import griddata

df = df_final

x = df_final['P2']
y = df_final['C2']
z = df_final['Percentage Reduction']

xi = np.linspace(x.min(), x.max(), 800)
yi = np.linspace(y.min(), y.max(), 800)

X,Y = np.meshgrid(xi,yi)

Z = griddata((x,y),z,(X,Y), method='cubic')

fig = go.Figure(go.Surface(x=xi,y=yi,z=Z))

fig.update_scenes(xaxis_autorange="reversed", yaxis_autorange="reversed") 

fig.update_layout(scene = dict(

                    xaxis_title='Processing time (p2)',

                    yaxis_title='Cleaning time (c2)',

                    zaxis_title='Cycle Time Reduction (%)'),


                    margin=dict(r=20, b=10, l=10, t=10))

@Nicholas i think you forgot to upload a n image, I can’t see any highlighted parts :slight_smile:

Hi , sorry, i reuploaded the picture. By the way, what is the name of the property in plotly that I mean ? Is it grid width?