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How to set set up a site with auto reload

I’m checking out Dash and it looks great. :smile:

However, to speed up the visual dev cycle I’d love to use auto reload in the site generated by the Python app. This means: When I re-run the app after layout changes the browser displaying the site automatically reloads the page.

Is there a way to integrate for example browsersync in a Dash app? Any tutorial for this?

See 📣 Announcing Hot reload

Thanks, Chris. Will try it out.

I tried it - and it does the reload/restart of the server app. However I’m looking for a reload in the browser like browsersync.

This means when the server app restarts the brwoser detects teh change to the html/javascript files and realoads as well.

Has any body done this? Maybe by integrating the browsersync javascript code into Dash?

Are you looking for perhaps?

Thx Chrisfor your prompt response. Looks quite complicated though for just a developer convinience… Might just continue to hit Ctrl-R. :wink:

On static sites browsersync is quite easy to wire up with a node development server, so that was worthwhile doing…

It really does sound like you are looking for hot-reloading. hot-reloading restarts the server but it also refreshes the browser once the server is restarted. This is the default mode in the latest version of dash (

It works now including the browser reload - but I could swear it did not work before… Not sure what I did wrong earlier… Maybe i didn’t set debug-True, or I just didn’t wait long enough for the changes to propagate.

Anyway, it works now. Thanks a lot for your continues responding!

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