How to separate candlestick plot and volume plot properly?

I use the following code to plot a candlestick plot and a volume plot. But the separation between the two is weired. The spacing is above the range slider of the candlestick. Iā€™d expect the range slide to right below the candlestick plot and the verticle spacing is below the range slider but above the volume plot. Could anybody show me how to fix the problem?

import plotly.graph_objects as go
import yfinance as yf
df = yf.Ticker('MSFT').history(period='1y')

from plotly.subplots import make_subplots
fig = make_subplots(rows=2, cols=1, shared_xaxes=True, vertical_spacing=0.02)
		go.Candlestick(x = df.index, open = df['Open'], low = df['Low'], high = df['High'], close = df['Close'], increasing_line_color = 'green', decreasing_line_color = 'red')
		, row=1
		, col=1)

fig.add_trace(go.Bar(x=df.index, y=df['Volume'])
		, row=2, col=1)
		title = 'Interactive CandleStick & Volume Chart'
		, yaxis1_title = 'Stock Price ($)'
		, yaxis2_title = 'Volume (M)'
		, xaxis2_title = 'Time'
		, xaxis1_rangeslider_visible = True
		, xaxis2_rangeslider_visible = False)