How to save variable for every user in dash to use it in callback initialization?

I’m trying to build dashboard that can dynamically update my model and I’m trying to make it multiuser, so users can concurrently see different models So far I used dcc.Store(storage_type=‘session’) inside my code, but I don’t know how to make variables for every user that i can “unpack” inside callback initiation if i need dynamic number of graphics for every user that depends on number of features so I need a way to do something like this

              [Input('object_{}'.format(i), 'value') for i in range(<var_for_user>)])

what should i user instead of ‘var_for_user’?

The Store exists clientside, i.e. the is one for each user already. Hence the app should would for multiple users independently without any modifications.

Thank you for response!

But if i have different number of graphs for every user, for example, and i need to pass it all into callback Input, how can i manage to do so?

So, just to be clear, what you want is to pass information from one session (i.e. user) to another?

No, nothing like that
Sorry if i put it wrong
Lets suggest that my user uploads config file
I parse it into dcc.Store component and build x sliders( number x i got from this file)
so now i have x sliders. If user uploads new config with number y, then i want to rebuild dashboard for him and then i’ll have y slider
Question is:
how can i build my callback, if i dont know how many sliders i have?
I thought i should make something like

             [Input('slider_{}'.format(i) for i in range(<number in loaded file>)])

How can i do this?

Ah, then you are probably looking for pattern matching callbacks,

thanks a lot!

can i ask you one more thing?

if i want to use

dbc.Input(id='some-id', type='file')

how should i use in callback?
I tried some options:

Input('some-id', 'data') #returns NoneType object
Input('some-id', 'contents') #same

I dont understand what should i use to load my file