How to run multiple Dash apps in Jupyter notebook

Does anyone know how to run several Dash applications displaying results from different stages of data analysis in one Jupyter notebook? The only way I see it working is when you need to interrupt the kernel after your Dash app has rendered the plots.

There’s not a way as of yet to run multiple dash applications from a notebook (or even, to perform other operations within your notebook if you’re running the app from that notebook.) You correctly guessed the reason as well, the kernel is busy running the dash app and can’t do anything else.

One workaround is to try a version of this solution: Can I run dash app in jupyter

Iframes will work no matter where the app is running from, so just run the app from the terminal and display it in your notebook.


@charleyferrari The iframe approach would expose the url. Is there a way to not have that exposed? If I am running Jupyterhub for multi-user environment, exposing the url would be a security flaw.

Any ideas on this?