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How to run multipage dash app in a flask app

How to run a multipage dash app in a flask app? Can someone provide a step by step procedure ?

This is what I followed:


Thank you for responding to this post.

If you were to deploy a Multi-page app to the web, using Heroku, what would you write inside the Procfile?

Assuming your complete app files look like this:

  • app.py
  • index.py
  • apps
    |-- init.py
    |-- app1.py
    |-- app2.py

Would you still write in Procfile?

web: gunicorn app:server

Hi, is it possible to serve a different stylesheet for each app (app1 and app2) and keep it local to each app by any chance? I can serve several stylesheets at once and I understand the last one takes precedence when there is a conflict but they will apply to all apps in the project. That would simplify my life to keep the stylesheet local to an app (dbc.themes.BOOTSTRAP is great for one of my apps but not for another in the same project which uses a customm css sheet.).