How to rotate "title" text in the axis

I have a dash application showing temperature. The “y axis” show degrees. I want the numbers to be shown normal, but the title for the axis is just “ºC” and I would love to see it horizontally instead of reading it vertically.

For longer titles this is a non issue because horizontal orientation would overlap the graph, very ugly, but for “ºC” horizontal is just fine and far prettier and easy to the eye.


It’s not possible to change the rotation of the axis title. However, for units, you should try out layout.yaxis.ticksuffix combined with layout.yaxis.showtickprefix = 'first'

Cool trick, @chriddyp. In my case, I use “showticksuffix=‘last’”.


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Is this still the case? Is it still impossible to rotate the axis title?

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Seems like it. A quick hack would be to remove the title and add an annotation instead of it.


.infolayer {
g > text[data-unformatted=“give the value of your graph”] {
transform: rotate(0) !important;
writing-mode: tb;