How to remove scrollX in the page?

I want to remove scrollX, I have tried:
style={'maxWidth': '100%', 'width': '100%', 'overflowX': 'hidden'
style={'maxWidth': '100%', 'overflowX': 'hidden'}

inside the main Div but they didn’t work

a picture of the situation:

You’ll need to use vw instead of %.

I did this:
style={'maxWidth': '194vh', 'width': '194vh', 'overflowX': 'hidden'}

and it’s perfectly to the width of the page but 'overflowX': 'hidden' does’nt do anything

and no thing change!

Do you know an alternative for it?

It needs to be 100vw. You are saying 194% pretty much with that.

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I solve it, it was a quite complicated bug or event bugs I don’t know how to explain it in just few lines,
I had to change a lot properties in different elements
it was not a problem of the main Div SO I didn’t need to use:
style={'maxWidth': '100vw', 'overflowX': 'hidden'}
it is just a bad styling of elements

but the bottom line is that: dbc.Col([], width={"size": x, "offset": y}) and using vw instead px or % helps a lot.