How to read an opus file?

Am creating a dash app to upload and output a data table For opus files.
For example for a csv file i can read it as below
df = pd.read_csv( io.StringIO(decoded.decode(‘utf-8’)))

how do i do the same if the file is opus . kindly help

You’re talking about an audio file ?

There’s a couple of libraries for reading Opus audio files, but you’re going to need to spend some time understanding the audio format and how to translate it in to something useful for tabular format:

Am talking about this type of opus file from bruker (
This is how i do read the data
data= opusFC.getOpusData(myfile)
but now its not working in dash because of the encoding and decoding of the content of upload
I want to create a dash app to upload an opus file and output a datatable from the uploaded content

kindly help

Sorry I’ve never heard of this. Without example code and a specific error message, and given it seems to be proprietary software so I’m unable to create example on my side, I can not help.

Hi @bznnht3452432!
For reading OPUS files I am recommending
See to get information about installation and using