How to put axes labels in

Hi I am just beginning with so that’s why the super newbie question :slight_smile: I can change the title for the x-axis and y-axis online (clicking on the variable name for the given axis and then typing the title) but If I try to do it offline I need the code, which I can not found anywhere. :frowning: I already tried ggplot2 code xlab=“”, etc…but it does not show anything
For the sake of simplicity let’s say the following code is what I have. If you try it you will get c(20,14, 23) for the name of the y-axis instead of something meaningful like “y” or “Number of pacients” or “Whatever function”

p ← plot_ly(
x = c(“giraffes”, “orangutans”, “monkeys”),
y = c(20, 14, 23),
name = “SF Zoo”,
type = “bar”,