How to put a text on top of an image?

Hi, I am trying to get to a layout similar to “oil and gas”,

I want to have this card-like widgets for text data, how can I do it?

Hi @al777 welcome to the forum! The styled container is not an image, but an html div with styling specified by css. You can inspect its css properties by right-clicking on it inside your browser and choosing “Inspect element”, and you will be able to explore its css (at the bottom left of the attached screenshot).

Also the source code of this app is hosted on

Thank for you response.

I must be going crazy, I cloned the repo yestarday and I couln’t find a .py file, only .R

I double checked it today and it was there :neutral_face:


In the dash-sample-apps repo you have apps written both in python and in R since you can use Dash with both languages (now Dash also supports Julia!).