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How to plot smith chart in Plotly?

I use scikit-rf (skrf, It creates a network object. You can plot various parameters, using methods of the network object, on a smith chart in matplotlib.
I tried using to create plotly figure from it, but it shows the
error = “RunTimeError:Cannot get window extent w/o rederer”,

and some warnings,

UserWarning:Blended transforms not yet supported. zoom behavior may not work as expected.
UserWarning: Bummer! Plotly can currently only draw Line2D objects from matplotlib that are in data coordinates!
UserWarning: I found a path object that I don’t think is a part of a bar chart. Ignoring.

I know we can plot polar graphs in plotly, but I can’t find anything related to plotting smith chart.

Related GitHub issue for folks Googling “plotly smith charts” and landing here: