How to plot forecast using plotly for XTS time series data

Dear Researchers,
I am new in R programming and just started my research in time series forecasting. I have following data set and want to plot forecast series.

1998-05-31 22:00:00 1914
1998-05-31 22:01:00 2558
1998-05-31 22:02:00 2394
1998-05-31 22:03:00 2052
1998-05-31 22:04:00 2366
1998-05-31 22:05:00 2484

I used following code for doing forecasting with ARIMA in R

wdata <- read.csv(“D:/rwl/workload/workloadminutes.csv”) # dataset name = workloadminutes
wdata$Date<- as.POSIXct(wdata$Date, format="%d/%m/%Y %H:%M")
wdata_xts <- xts(x=wdata$Request,$Date)
fitarima<-auto.arima(wdata, trace = TRUE, test = “kpss”, ic=“aic”)
arima_forecast <- forecast(fitarima, h=60)


This plot only prints numbers on x axis, I want the datetime on x the axis which is mentioned in data set. Even i want to plot the forecasting series along with test data series.
Please help me for improving above code.