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How to make update more noticeable?

Dear forum, this is a feature related problem. Currently when the callback is fired, the top of the tab will say “Updating”. The feature itself if great. However my client wants the “updating” to be more noticeable. For example, display on the graph title or displaying it in an empty div. My current understanding is that it seems quite difficult to implement this without inserting custom scripts or editing source code due to the callback structure.

Is there a way to this easily?

Have you checked out the dcc.Loading component? I noticed that the examples seem to have disappeared so you can see dash-bootstrap-components version here

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Thanks. I had a look at these examples. While it looks quite fancy, I feel it will require a lot of coding to support async updating at other components.

Meanwhile, wrapping the graph components with


will provide a simple wrapping which hides the graph components until it is finished. It is sufficient for my current purpose.

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