How to make colors the same between traces (lines, markers, 3Dmesh)?

Hi everyone! I have a problem with the matching colors between traces.
Making only auto colors I have a plot like this, i.e in each sufrace I have different lines, markers and mesh.

I want the same plot, i.e. different colors of each surface, but the same colors for all traces(line, marker, mesh) inside of one surface. Like this (this one is from matplotlib):

My code with autocolors looks like:

colors =, 1, len(phases)))
fig = go.Figure()

for polyhedra, points, col in zip(phases, groups, colors):
    hull = scipy.spatial.ConvexHull(polyhedra)
    polyhedra_points = hull.vertices.tolist()
    faces = hull.simplices
    polyhedra_coordinates = polyhedra[polyhedra_points]

    tri_vertices= polyhedra[faces]
    Xe = []
    Ye = []
    Ze = []
    for T in tri_vertices:
        Xe += [T[k%3][0] for k in range(4)]+[ None]
        Ye += [T[k%3][1] for k in range(4)]+[ None]
        Ze += [T[k%3][2] for k in range(4)]+[ None]

    #define the trace consisting in all triangle edges
    lines= go.Scatter3d(
                name = points,
                line=dict(width=3)) #, color= col
    sub_df = result_fin[result_fin.prototype==points]
    fig.add_trace(go.Scatter3d(x=sub_df.Teta_N, y=sub_df.Teta_V, z=sub_df.Teta_chi, 
                                       text = result_fin.composition, #if I want to see all compositions
                                       marker=dict(size = 2), #color = col,
                                       name = points

    fig.add_trace(go.Mesh3d(x=polyhedra_coordinates[:, 0], 
                            y=polyhedra_coordinates[:, 1], 
                            z=polyhedra_coordinates[:, 2],
                            #text = polyhedra_df.composition, #we see only the names of the polyhedra points
                            #color = col, #find out how to set color
                            name = points,
                            contour = dict(show = True, width = 10),#color = 'red', 
                            opacity = .4,
                            alphahull = 0
    # Update all traces together
fig.update_layout(width = 1000, height = 1000,
    #colorway = default,
    title="Structural 3D map",         
    legend_title='Phase name',
        xaxis = dict(title=r'Theta_N', nticks=10, range=[-1,1]),
        yaxis = dict(title=r'Theta_V', nticks=10, range=[-1,1]),
        zaxis = dict(title=r'Theta_chi', nticks=10, range=[-1,1]))

I put all color settings in comments because it doesn’t work if I try to set them (with zip function).
As I understood, I need to set the list of colors, but when I try it, it always gets me some error about the wrong type of input data for colors.
Does somebody know how to deal with this?