How to make a horizontal bar chart using complex data (replicated in matplotlib, can't figure out how to do it in plotly)

Hey, I’ve coded a discord bot that tracks users presence (status) and want to graph it as a horizontal bar chart.
I have the data in this format: image
The first column has the names of the servers members.
Second column is an array with the lengths (in seconds) and status’

I coded this in matplotlib so it looks like this:

How would I go about replicating this in plotly? The way it’s coded using matplotlib I am using for loops to loop through the data and add a new bar with the relevant width, x-position, y-position and color. Here’s the code that does that:

colors = {“dnd”: “red”,
“online”: “lime”,
“online(Mobile)”: “green”,
“offline”: “gray”,
“idle”: “yellow”,
“dnd(Mobile)”: “red”

    fig = plt.figure(figsize=(18,6))
    ax = fig.add_subplot(111)
    for members in log_data: #
        left = 0
        for status in members[1]:     # (172, "online")
            width = status[0]      # 172
            label = status[1]      # "online"
            y = members[0]     # member name (y-position)
            ax.barh(y, width, align='center', height=0.8, left=left, color=colors[label],label=label)
            left += width

What I’ve been looking for in plotty is the “left” parameter. Or another way to do it, but I haven’t figured it out.


Plotly doesn’t provide a trace like mpl barh. A similar question was addressed a while ago and the given answer is here: