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How to make a Dash UI for an existing python program

Dash is great, I’d like to use it as the UI for a python program that does some complex logic in a continuosly-running process.

I would like to know what is the best way to marry the UI done with dash with the existing process, which is quite complex.

I’ve tried integrating the existing python program into Dash, but that was problematic in several ways. One of them because the existing program handles it’s own timing, and it just became all a bit convoluted.

The other option I tried is feeding the UI from the logs of the existing program. Quite hacky, but it worked. However that only works in the direction of logic -> UI, since the UI is just showing the info from the logs.

I have considered using some kind of communication between processes, but I’m not sure if this makes sense. If it does, what would be a good way.

I have the feeling that I’m overcomplicating the solution and there must be a simple way to solve this.

Thanks for your help.