How to let lasso select and box select tools only applicable for given traces

While attempting to add multiple traces, including go.Scattermapbox and go.Choroplethmapbox, I encountered an issue. I wanted to make sure that the scatter points with go.Scattermapbox could be selected using lasso and box select tools, while the polygon features in the go.Choroplethmapbox component remained un-selectable. Is there a way to limit the select and box select tools to only apply to the go.Scattermapbox trace and exclude the go.Choroplethmapbox trace?

Hey @happybear,

You can make the traces not clickable by setting hoverinfo='skip' but I did not find a way to make a trace not selectable. :roll_eyes:

Is there any development in the works to create this functionality? I think it would be very useful to be able to implement this and (in some cases) would significantly reduce computation cost when only selection info is required on one of many traces.

In my use case for example I have a timeseries plot with many vline traces to add necessary context (sometimes numbering in the hundreds, see image below). When I do a selection on this plot the callback function obviously has to run for all of the traces, when I really only need it to apply to the main timeseries plot. Even using a very efficient conditional, looping through that for every trace takes a lot of time.

Given the functionality exists for click-events, it seems like a useful (and perhaps relatively simple) extension to apply this to selection events also?