How to Insert numerical information at plotly chart legend

I’m trying to added some data at my chart legends but i don’t know how. I did search at plotly docs at Legends with Python but none of those examples available bring this feature. In the figure below is showed what i want to do. As you can see there is a legend of my chart and i want insert the data corresponded to the name of legend, i.g: UCL - 100, ICL - 50 and so on.

Here is what i have:
enter image description here

Here is a real example of what i really aim to:
enter image description here

A piece of the code i’m using is below, I can’t share the rest:

            line=dict(color='black', width=2)))

Description of the variables:

df_mean_control_chart[‘Samples’] and df_mean_control_chart[‘UCL’] = it’s a column of a data from a dataframe which only contains numerical data.

name=f"UCL = {df_mean_control_chart['UCL'].min()}",

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