How to hover one trace in 3D, look at this plz

I made some chart seeing documentation ‘Ribon plot’ .
there are five trace in that chart.
you can also see five traces in this picture.
If i hover that one, one of the trace that i hover , i want to see some data in the trace

May i give some answer.

Here is my code. in JS
data1 is data in ajax success
the data;s type is Map<String, ArrayList> in java , i send the data in spring, @ResponseBody

x_oesData = data1.x_data;
y_oesData = data1.y_data;
z_oesData = data1.z_data;
for(var i = 0;i<5;i++){
var x_temp = Array();
var y_temp = Array();
var z_temp = Array();
for(var j=i*1024;j<(i+1)*1024;j++){
var x_temp_temp = new Array();

		for(var i=0;i<x.length;i++){
			var trace1 = {
					  x:x[i], y:y[i], z:z[i],
					  name: '',
					  colorscale: 'Viridis',
					  type: 'surface',
				      showscale: false
		myPlot = document.getElementById('ThreeD_chart'),
		data = chartdata,
		layout = {
				scene: {
					xaxis:{title: 'second(s)'},
					yaxis:{title: 'wavelenth(nm)'},
					zaxis:{title: 'somthing(hmm)'},
				  title: 'OES',
				  hovermode: 'closest',
				  showlegend: false,
				  autosize: true,
				  width: 1280,
				  height: 800,
				  margin: {
				    l: 65,
				    r: 50,
				    b: 65,
				    t: 90,

Can you be more specific here? What kind of data are you wishing to see?

For example, if i hover one of the traces , that trace will be changed red color.
but now when i hover one of the traces, i can see that point data that is x, y, z, one number data value like x:2 ,y:3, z:9.

Or when i click one of the traces, i want to see 2 Dimension chart.
To see the 2 Dimension chart, i get the trace’s all of data that is like umm… x :1, y data array, z data array or x data array , y:1, z data array

From that moment on. i will make chart some 2 Dimension.
But when i hover and click some thing, i can see that point.
i want to see one of the trace whole data array! That’s too dizzy.

are good places to start.