How to hide axis numbers but not title or grid


I have a scatter plot and I’d like to hide axis numbers but not the grid or the axis title. How can I do that?

Here’s what I have so far:


Notice that the Y axis has a title, axis numbers, and grid lines. Notice that the x axis has none of these.

Here is the code for this:

var layout = {
	xaxis: {
		visible: false,
		showgrid: true,
		title: 'driver'
	yaxis: {
		visible: true,
		title: 'kWh',
		showgrid: true

Note that I have title set to a value and showgrid set to true in both axis. The only difference is visible is set to false for the x axis and true for the y axis. So setting visible to false seems to hide everything, which is not what I want. I only want to hide the numbers (ideally, I’d like to keep the tick marks if that’s possible).

How can I hide the numbers of the axis but keep the title and grid lines?

Thank you!