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How to get the <div> link of the plot from notebook using some function

I’m trying to get the embed link for my plots with plotly. I know how to get that from my folder in plotly. But I want to get the links in my notebook where I generated all the plots and write the links to a .csv file.

I tried tls.get_embed(plot_url) but this gives the iframe link. I might need the <div> link as well. I also tried plotly.offline.plot(fig,output_type='div') but this gives me :

IOPub data rate exceeded. The notebook server will temporarily stop sending output to the client in order to avoid crashing it. To change this limit, set the config variable --NotebookApp.iopub_data_rate_limit.

Could anyone help to get the <div> link? Thank you very much !

The problem you’re having with the data rate limit is separate to the problem you’re facing in getting the


Try fixing the data rate limit first :slight_smile:

This stackoverflow answer should help.