How to get previous documentation?


I’m developing a dash app which is from a previous dash version (1.0.1).

I want to get to a specific version (1.12) of dash for my app, but it’s not only a job of updating dash: I tried it, and a lot of components are broken. A lot of code has to be changed since a lot has changed.

I’m facing issues that I think are related to my library version.

Is there a way to get the documentation of previous (older) version of dash ? Seeing how things were done in previous versions would help me a lot since I wouldn’t have to google every error that I face and cross my fingers that something similar happened to someone on stackoverflow and that someone replied by saying “Oh yeah, for dash v1.12, here is the syntax: …”.

For example, django is arching every version in their documentation website so you can see how things were done in older version.

Thank you,

Reviving this post as I also have the same question. @chriddyp