How to get Nodes from Sankey diagram after moving nodes?

I want to get the new positions for the nodes in the Sankey diagram after I have moved them. The diagram is set to ‘freeform’, but after I have moved the nodes I then try to get the new positions of the nodes (x,y) from the Figure. However, I only gets the old coordinates. Do anyone know how to get the new positions?

Initial plotting
Nodes = {‘label’: [“A”, “B”], ‘pad’: 1, ‘x’: [0, 0], ‘y’: [0, 0]}
links = {‘color’: ‘rgba(180,180,200, 0.8)’, ‘source’: [0, 1], ‘target’: [1, 0], ‘value’: [20, 40]}

Figure = go.Figure()
Sankey = go.Sankey(
arrangement = “freeform”,
node = Nodes,
link = links )
Figure.add_trace( Sankey)

After moving the nodes I try to get their new positions (unsuccessfully, get the original positions). This is done by having a button in Dash that runs the code below.
outFile = open(“out.txt”, mode = ‘w’)

I’m not sure how it works in Go, but in Plotly.js the method Plotly.newPlot(...) returns a Promise which returns a DOM element. That DOM element has an attribute .data, which initially is just the data object you provided to newPlot, and does not have the automatically rendered poisitions.
But after they have been manually moved you can get the positions as follows…

Plotly.newPlot('myDiv', data, layout).then(function(plot) {
  window.plot = plot
  let xvals =[0].node.x