How to get cell value after update

Hi All,
at the begining let me stress that I’m not a programmer, just a guy who learn Python himself for self usage…
My problem is:
I want to build an app which will be based on AG Grid and will be editing at backend Postgress database values.
I want to update values in database whenever i change value in AG Grid and by SQLAlchemy update databe.

I found I need to use as Input “cellValueChanged” but this is it…can’t move forward…

How can I pick value, row id and column name of changed cell.

I’d be very grateful for any help… if You know some web pages or tutorials related to Dash-database connection I’ll be very very happy.
I don’t program ORM for me Dash is the only solution not to go very deep into programing to be able to update database…

greeting from Poland

Hello @acidkans,

The cellValueChanged should have all that info available for you in the callback. Just print what the cellValueChanged is in the callback to see what you need to use to target your callback.

But if you have a specific key that you want to update in your db. You can use a getRowId and this will then be available in the cellValueChanged.

Hi, many thanks, I made progress, found all I need to update the database…