How to generate elevation csv files

Hi everyone, I was trying out the surface plots using plotly in dash lately and the example code using the mt bruno elevation csv worked fine. However, I was wondering how the csv file was generated, as I would like to do something similar for local peaks within my region.

Hi @Chimango,

The dem data you are referring to are not obtained by scannning scanning Mount Bruno. There are publicly available dem data online, like this one:

Iā€™m not aware of a tool that giving a mountain name it returns the corresponding DEM data.

Thank you for your response. I managed to obtain raster DEM for my areas of interest via the jaxa website. I then tried using gdal2xyz in qgis in an attempt to get an xyz export as that of mt bruno but only got three columns in the export. I have tried looking up other means of obtaining the file as mt bruno but I have not been successful. Do you have any advice of converting the raster DEM to the mt bruno type of format?


To plot a DEM you need an array of shape (m, n), to be passed as the Surface z.
Do you have any information on what your columns represent? I suppose they are x, y, z coordinates. Inspect the x-range and y-range and try to deduce how the z-column converted to an array can be reshaped to get the right z for a Surface.