How to fix axes

I’m using plotly in jupyterlab and i have this problem :

I’m using autorange=False for set manually the range.
How can i fix the axes in the “screen”(or Figure) ?

For this porblem any Solution ?

Can you share the “data” and “layout” settings you used to generate your graph. Debugging from a screenshot or gif is very difficult. Thank you!

This is the code :

import plotly.graph_objs as go

fig = go.Figure()
# Configure the trace.
trace = go.Scatter3d(x=Elementi[:,0,0],y=Elementi[:,1,0],z=Elementi[:,2,0],marker=dict(
        size=4, color=z, colorscale='Viridis',), line=dict( color='darkblue', width=4 ))
data = [trace]

# Configure the layout.
layout = go.Layout(width=700, height=700,
    updatemenus=[dict(type='buttons', showactive=False,
    y=0, x=0.58, xanchor='right', yanchor='top', pad=dict(t=0, r=0),
    args=[None, dict(frame=dict(duration=500, redraw=True),

#define frames:
t = np.linspace(0, 20, 21)
frames = [dict(data=[dict(type='scatter3d',
    x=Elementi[:,0,ts], y=Elementi[:,1,ts], z=Elementi[:,2,ts] )],name=ts) 
    for ts in range(2000,Elementi.shape[2],100)]

fig = go.Figure(data=data, layout=layout, frames=frames)

fig.update_layout(sliders=  [{'yanchor': 'top','xanchor': 'left', 'currentvalue': 
    {'font': {'size': 16}, 'prefix': 'Time: ', 'visible': True, 'xanchor': 'right'},
    'transition': {'duration': 500.0, 'easing': 'linear'},'pad': {'b': 10, 't': 50}, 'len': 0.9, 'x': 0.1, 'y': 0, 
    'steps': [{'args': [[ts], {'frame': {'duration': 500.0, 'easing': 'linear', 'redraw': False},
    'transition': {'duration': 0, 'easing': 'linear'}}], 'label': ts, 'method': 'animate'} 
    for ts in range(2000,Elementi.shape[2],100) ]}])
fig.update_layout(scene = dict(
    xaxis = dict(dtick=2.5, range=[0,12], showgrid=False, zeroline=False,backgroundcolor='white'),
    yaxis = dict(dtick=2.5, range=[0,12], showgrid=False, zeroline=False,backgroundcolor='white'),
    zaxis = dict(dtick=3.0, range=[0,12], showgrid=False, zeroline=True,backgroundcolor='white'),))

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news for solve this problem?