How to extend graph full page & make transparent dropdown over it

Hello there :slight_smile:
I am new to Dash, but i am quite sure that this question hasn’t been answered yet (I found nothing on google/here).

So here it is. The question is VERY SIMPLE. You have in mind the famous “DASH UBER APP” ?
Here it is:
And the code:

Suppose we don’t have the histogram down right. So, our page has 2 parts, the first dedicated to the user selection (dropdown ect…) and the second displaying a dcc.Graph() (mapbox here).

Question: can we make the Graph to be on the full size of the page, but without deleting dropdowns menus at the left !? In fact, those menus will have like a “transparent” background.
This will ensure that the user can always select the data he needs, but without limiting the size of the map !

Do you have an idea of how to do this kind of magic ? Is it even possible ?

Thanks in advance !