How to embed a LinkedIn profile badge? (And, using attributes from external script)

LinkedIn provides a script so that you can embed your profile as a badge on a website. I’m trying to do this with Dash Python, but not sure how to implement step 2 below.

Step 1, for context: First, you have to put the following script in your app:

<script src="" async defer type="text/javascript"></script>

Based on these docs I placed this in the app object like so:

app = Dash(
    external_scripts=[{'src': ''}],

Step 2: The LinkedIn instructions then say to put this in your code:

<div class="badge-base LI-profile-badge" data-locale="en_US" data-size="medium" data-theme="light" data-type="VERTICAL" data-vanity="your_linkedin_username" data-version="v1"><a class="badge-base__link LI-simple-link" href="">Your Name</a></div>

Question: How do I construct this div with html.Div()? I tried using snake case and camel case for attributes like data-locale, data-size, etc. but that doesn’t seem to work. Is there a more correct way to implement this?