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How to draw a filled circle segment?

I can’t seem to find a way to draw a filled segment of a circle.
I’ve tried using SVG paths but it seems arcs are not supported yet.

For example, in Mathematica you can just use:
Graphics[Circle[{x, y}, {radius}, {arc_start, arc_end}]]

Is there a way to do something similar with plotply?

You can draw a disk segment or a sector as a SVG path. Hence you should define a function that returns the corresponding path, like this one defined below:

import numpy as np
from numpy import pi, sin, cos
import plotly.graph_objects as go

def degree2rad(degrees):
    return degrees*pi/180
def disk_part(center=[0,0], radius=1, start_angle=0, end_angle=90, n=50, seg=True):
    sta = degree2rad(start_angle)
    ea = degree2rad(end_angle)
    t = np.linspace(sta, ea, n)
    x = center[0] + radius*cos(t)
    y = center[1] +radius*sin(t)
    path = f"M {x[0]},{y[0]}"
    for xc, yc in zip(x[1:], y[1:]):
        path += f" L{xc},{yc}"
    if seg: #segment
        return path + " Z"
    else: #disk sector
        return path + f" L{center[0]},{center[1]} Z" #sector 

path_sect = disk_part(center=[1, 0], radius=1.5, start_angle=30, end_angle=120, seg=False)
path_segment = disk_part(center=[1,0], radius=1.75, start_angle=190, end_angle=280)

fig = go.Figure()
fig.update_layout(width=700, height=500,
                  xaxis_range=[0,2], yaxis_range=[-2, 2],
fig.update_yaxes(scaleanchor = "x", #IMPORTANT These yaxis settings ensure that the circle is non-deformed
                 scaleratio = 1)

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