How to download plots in R

I want to download/export the plots from plotly in R. How can I do that? I tried using orca but i am getting some Maptoken error. Please could someone help.

It looks like there was a limitation in Plotly R which has been improved in version What version of Plotly R are you using?

I am using the most latest version of the plotly…

Can you tell me the results of packageVersion('plotly') in R?

I am using the plotly version 4.8.0.

@bhavenm, you will need to use the development version of Plotly R to resolve your issue. You can install it using


@michaelbabyn but then even with the development version, what commands, do I need to write to make it work?

p <- plot_ly() %>% add_lines(x=1:30, y=rlnorm(30));
orca(p, 'plot.png')

@bhavenm, the commands above work for me.

I tried this. It works in normal condition… wondering how can you make it work along with shiny. Any suggestions?