How to do interactive data/range selection for use in Python code in a notebook (not dash)?

I am confused: I have plotly 5.11.0 installed and I would like to show a graph in a jupyter notebook / lab which allows to select a data range (or ideally just an axis range) and get the data/range back to my python code via a callback.

I have found this page: Selection events in Python/v3 which seems to do something related to what I need.

However, this code does not work for me, the page says it is for version 3 only and I was unable to find the proper current documentation page for this functionality.

Could somebody please point me to information about how to this properly?

Is there any other place to find an answer to this question?

Hi @johann.petrak, unfortunately I have never really used plotly in this way. If you are open to use jupyter-dash here you’ll find an example of how to use it:

One question: what exactly do you mean by this?

Do you intent to use the plotly figure as “selector” and then use the selected range in a code unrelated to plotly/dash?

Here a better example for your use case:

import as px
from jupyter_dash import JupyterDash
from dash import Input, Output, State, html, dcc
import pickle

# Load Data
df =
# Build App
app = JupyterDash(__name__)
app.layout = html.Div([
    html.H1("Saving relayoutData into pickle file"),
        #style={'display': None, 'visibility': 'hidden'}

    Output('dummy', 'children'),
    Input('graph', 'relayoutData'),
def update_figure(data, current_content):
    # this should be improved. I did not know how to check properly the content of the relayoutData 
    if ("xaxis.range[0]" in data):
        with open('./testfile.pickle','wb') as f:
        return f"content of the file './testfile.pickle' is currently: {data}"
        return current_content

# Run app and display result inline in the notebook
app.run_server(mode='inline', port=8078)

To use the data in subsequent code:

with open('./testfile.pickle', 'rb') as f:
    your_variable = pickle.load(f)

I’m almost sure there are better/easier ways to do it, that’s how I would do it with my current knowledge :wink:

Note: By resetting the ranges (for example by double click into the figure) the ranges are updated but the relayoutData does not contain the new axis ranges.

Yes, exactly. As I pointed out, this seemed to work and there is a documentation page for how to make it work in Plotly version 3, but I was unable to find anything equivalent for version 5. But maybe I am missing something?

Basically I would want a Python callback function to get invoked when e.g. the mouse is released on a range selection.
In general, it would be interesting to see if callbacks for plot interactions are supported at all?

I think holoviews/hvplot does support this.