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How to display variable value as output? (Easy question)

I have a very simple question. I am trying to show summary of my data as:

Total cases:
Total deaths:

I have shown graphs and everything in my dashboard, but I can’t find anything on how to display just text as output.
Graphs are updated from the dropdown value according to user choice. So, the summary is also according to users selection.

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update the children property as an Output

Add something like a html.P() component to the div you wish to view the text in. Use a callback to output the text to the id of that P component. Hope that helps.

Hi you can use this:

									'fontSize': 17
									'fontSize': 40
							'width': '25%', 
							'display': 'inline-block'

Note: '{0:.1f}K -> layout format -> 31878.0K