How to display the tooltip through all charts at the same time

Hi everyone, is there away to show the tooltip in all chart at the same time? when I move the mouse overe one of them. in this case all charts have the same index.

for example:


Hi @alejandroLopez and welcome to the community!

I don’t think this is readily possible but you can checkout some of the tricks and workarounds posted on this thread - Hover labels across shared axes · Issue #2114 · plotly/plotly.js · GitHub

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Thanks, in my case I was looking a similar behavior explained in the link shared, but I would like implement when there are several charts in a dashboard sharing the same source. Regards.


Not sure if you are using Dash framework for building the dashboard, if you are using Dash then you can use the dcc.Tooltip component for all the charts and trigger the tooltip based on the hoverData event from the charts.

I believe you do something similar in JS too, though I am not an expert with regards to JS -