How to create a dropdown menu that updates the data of th x axis of a scatter plot?

I am creating a scatter plot with in each axis the daily performance (between 0 and 1) of given portfolios.

I want to create 2 dropdown menus (one for each axis) to select a portfolio and update the scatter plot accordingly.

I have tried using the ‘update’ method but the updated plot is wrong (values over 200, when x=y scatter doesn’t ‘draw’ a line, can’t come back to original even when selection = previous values)

data10 = [go.Scatter(
    x = df.portfolio_pnl,
    y = df.sp500_pnl,
    mode = 'markers')]

layout10= dict(
    title = 'Scatter')

updatemenus = list([
            dict(label = 'S&P 500',
                 method = 'update',
                 args = [{'x': 'df.sp500_pnl'},
            dict(label = 'Portfolio',
                 method = 'update',
                 args = [{'x': df.portfolio_pnl},


layout10['updatemenus'] = updatemenus

    'data' : data10, 
    'layout' : layout10,

Is there a problem in the method itself ?

Every hint appreciated !