How to create a bar plot with shared x-axis using with sub-titles on top?

I wonder how to correctly create a bar plot with shared x-axis in plotly? I created this bar plot and specified fig.update_xaxes(matches='x') which to my understanding is supposed to match the axes, but apparently this is not working. Does this look like a bug or am I doing something wrong? As you can see, it looks good except for one sub-figure, which is totally off. Sometimes, using facet_row instead of facet_col gives better results, but then the titles appear at the side of the plot. The titles are sometimes quite long and would not fit there. Therefore, I am using facet_col.

fig =, x='RawFile', y=plot_column, 
             facet_col='Majority protein IDs', facet_col_wrap=1, color=color, 

n_rows = len(df['Majority protein IDs'].drop_duplicates())

height = 300*(1+n_rows)

        margin=dict( l=50, r=10, b=200, t=50, pad=0 ),

fig.for_each_annotation(lambda a: a.update(text=a.text.split("=")[-1]))

enter image description here

Strangely the y-axes are shared, but the x-axes are not. That is quite the opposite of what I am looking for.

enter image description here

# django-plotly-dash        1.6.3
# plotly                    4.14.3

I guess one solution to this would be to use facet_row however, then then I would need to move the titles from the righthand side to the top.