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How to create 60 FPS realtime chart with Plot.ly?

Hi! :wink:

I am try to use Plot.

I took the example from /javascript/streaming/

If I use the 'type: ‘scattergl’ or not use, the result near 20 fps. :frowning:

For example, in this charts fps is 60: epochjs.github.io/epoch/real-time/

How to create 60 FPS realtime chart with Plot ly? :’(

Thank you!

Thanks for the report. We’re currently working on making extendTraces faster. You can expect improvements to land in the spring of 2018.

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Hi Maximal and etienne!
I have almost same problems now.
For seem-less continuous log viewing, at least I need stable 8fps ~ 24fps.
but I have only unstable 8fps(intensely 20fps or so)

What happened to “extendTraces” after that?