How to convert python json object to plot in Plotly.js in React

I am migrating a Dash app to react for some standardization, can I convert the python Plotly figure to json( fig.to_json ), create an API and plot it directly in React Plotly Js? Some documents suggest that this can be done but i could not find any reference.

Hello @VikramS,

Iโ€™m pretty sure that React is what caters the charts in Dash. If you print the figure that you want in the python, it will give you the props and everything. In Dash, the figure is sent in json and then the renderer of Dash handles the display of it.

In dash, you can interact with the React and pure JavaScript as well. Just has some syncing issues with callbacks sometimes.

Hello @VikramS
Iยดm facing the same issue. Do you find something or finally made it ? Thanks