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How to configurer the width and height of the cells of a table


I am a beginner on and I am trying to show a pandas dataframe on a plotly table.
I use the next python code:

 # Cogemos los campos que queremos mostrar en la tabla
    df_Lista_Campos = settings.df_Ejecucion_Estrategia.ix[:,['Fecha', 'Hora', 'Ticker_Suby', 'Tipo_Activo', 'Estrategia',
                                'Desc_Estrat','Id_Campana', 'Item','Sentido', 'Funcion', 'Cantidad', 'Precio',
                                'Comision', 'Precio_Neto']]

    table = ff.create_table(df_Lista_Campos, colorscale=colorscale, font_colors=font, height_constant=20) #height_constant=altura de las filas
    py.plot(table, filename='df_Posiciones_Ejec_Estrategia')

So, I get this:

I would need to resize the widht for every column. Too I would need the same height for all rows whith independence of the total number of rows which I send to the plotly table.