How to combine all click events of different graphs or if possible assign NONETYPE to each event?

There are five graphs on a page and click on each graph do changes in themselves and each other.
Like Norway has Oslo and Oslo has Fornebu then when i click bar chart on Norway then same graph change to oslo and oslo click change to fornebu and similar changes appears to other graphs.

I used following Input to get click from all five graphs

@app.callback(dash.dependencies.Output(‘trans’, ‘figure’),
[dash.dependencies.Input(‘trans’, ‘clickData’),dash.dependencies.Input(‘wt’, ‘clickData’),dash.dependencies.Input(‘cr’, ‘clickData’),
dash.dependencies.Input(‘crper’, ‘clickData’),dash.dependencies.Input(‘oppper’, ‘clickData’)])
def update_transaction(start_date, end_date, clicktrans, clickWT, clickCR, clickCRPer, clickOppPer):

Issue: If we click on WT and then click on CR, the value of WT is still there. So cant apply if clickWT is NONE then check clickCR

Ques 1: Is there any way to combine all five clicks into one?
Ques 2: If not, Is there any way to empty click parameters as when i re-click on 'say CR then WT shall not hold any data (this will help me to use if else statement)

Any other solution? Stuck for a week

Kindly suggest

using dash.callback_context to determine which input is fire,
see the FAQ