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How to change style of Datatable Dropdowns?

Hello! So I’m trying to change the style of the dropdown menus in a dash datatable. Right now I have a datatable with dropdowns that look like this:
I don’t like how in the dropdown portion the unslected values are white and the text is green. The only css I have that is related to dash tables is this:

  .dash-spreadsheet-container table {
    --accent: #00a355 !important;
    --selected-background: #00a35444 !important;
    --selected-color: #3C3C3C !important;

Which gets me that cool green color I like on the arrows when you hover them. Does anyone know where I can get access to the full default css for the dash datable so I can play around with it and try to get rid of the white background on the dropdown menus? I’m honestly not very good at the whole css thing.