How to change plots of several datasets with Plotly button?

I have three separated datasets of stocks. I can plot them one by one with PlotLy. But I want to create a button or dropdown menu that will allow me to switch the datasets from it.

Below is my code. But I don’t know where to put the three datasets that will substitute “df”. I was thinking of something like a list of datasets maybe but I am not used to working with python. I would appreciate some help.

I want the button or the drop-down menu to change between df = [msft_data, spy_500, nasdaq]

def plot_interactive_stock_data(df, title):

fig = go.Figure()

fig_high = go.Scatter(x=df.index, y=df['high'], name="high ($)",

fig_low = go.Scatter(x=df.index, y=df['low'], name="low ($)",

fig_open = go.Scatter(x=df.index, y=df['open'], name="open ($)",

fig_close - go.Scatter(x=df.index, y=df['close'], name="close ($)",

fig_volume = go.Scatter(x=df.index, y=df['volume'], name="volume",


data = [fig_high, fig_low, fig_open, fig_close, fig_volume]

updatemenus = list([
    dict(active = -1,
         buttons = list([
             dict(label = 'Microsoft',
                 method = 'update',
                 args = {'visible':  [True, False, False]}),
             dict(label = 'S&P 500',
                 method = 'update',
                 args = {'visible':  [False, True, False]}),

             dict(label = 'Nasdaq',
                 method = 'update',
                 args = {'visible':  [False, False, True]})

layout = dict(title=title, showlegend = False,
              updatemenus = updatemenus)

fig = dict(data=data, layout=layout)

plotly.offline.plot(fig, auto_open=False, show_link=False)

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