How to change internal div in django dash?

i use django dash in my django project to show plot. i put dash app inside a DIV in html file, all setting work correctly but a DIV in dash app has 200% padding-bottom and i can’t find this div to change padding-bottom or height.

Are you setting ratio=2 when you invoke the plotly_app template tag? That is how the needed height of the div is set. If that doesn’t work for you then perhaps look at the plotly_app_bootstrap tag instead, or use your own template for the insertion of the iframe.

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thanks for contributing! :pray: :heart:
I had set it up ratio=2 in template tag.

i don’t use bootstrap in my project. Do you think it is better to use ifram to display the chart?

The bootstrap variant allows you to specify the size of the graph using strings like “16x9”, if you dont want to put the ratio in as a number. Otherwise it doesn’t add much in this specific use case.

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i changed ratio to 0.4 and now work correctly. :heart_eyes:
thank you so much :pray: :heart: :rose: