How to call editing cell in dash Ag Grid?

Hi All,
I’ve a multiuser AG Grid app, which I’d like to refresh every X seconds with rowTransaction method. actually ‘Interval’ refresh works fine… but… whenever user is during editing any cell in the Grid, and refresh fires than user is loosing cell focus and must start editing that cell over again…which is annoying.
So I’s like to fire a refresh callback only when users are not editing any cells in the grid.
I’ve found method ‘cellEditor.cellEditingStarted’ but have no idea how to use it… I’m a beginner and for sure I’m missing something in docs, check my simple callback below. for simplicity this example is without “Interval”. It doesn’t print anything…
appreciated for any hints how to catch the moment user is editing a cell?

@callback ( Output('grid-invoicing','rowTransaction'),

                 Input('grid-invoicing', 'api.cellEditor.cellEditingStarted')

def editcell(isediting):
    if isediting is  None:
                        conn = engine.connect()
                        df_invoicing_update = pd.read_sql_query(con=conn, sql=sql_query(query))
                        return ({'update': df_invoicing_update.to_dict('records'),
                                 'remove': df_invoicing_update.to_dict('records'),
                                 'add': df_invoicing_update.to_dict('records')})

Duplicate post. Answered here: