How to avoid using orjson when it is present in environment

Hey guys,

have an issue when orjson is in my environment. The app is far too complicated to post here, but some key facts around the problem:

  • using dash==2.8.1
  • issue seems to occur when using either dcc.RangeSlider or dcc.Slider
  • issue only occurs when orjson is present in environment

It is very likely that it has to do with the JSON serialization, some part of the output is:

InvalidCallbackReturnValue: The callback for `[<Output `dashboard_container.children`>]`
                returned a tree with one value having type `Slider`
                which is not JSON serializable.

Now my question, instead of trying to fix the callback output of a very very complicated app, is there a way to avoid orjson being used. That would be a far better quick fix.


Hello @maxschulz-COL,

Welcome to the community!

Dash 2.8.1 is fairly old now. Have you tried with the newer versions yet? We are on 2.11 now. :grin:

That unfortunately doesn’t solve it.